We Believe in Changing Life & Livelihood

We built our organization for bringing in change, one step at a time. 35 years of experience in social work has nurtured us and connected us to the communities we work with. We at Swadhina believe – Manush to Ek Din Jagbei Jagbe (The people shall awaken one day)

Our Objectives Are:

Women’s Empowerment & Children’s Development

We strive for WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT Through:

  • Ensuring Equal Land, Property Rights for Women,
  • Enabling Sustainable Management of Natural Resources.
  • Ensuring Better Health and Nutrition Management in the family
  • Promoting Non-violence, Harmony among people and striving towards World Peace.

We wish to ensure CHILDREN’S DEVELOPMENT Through:

  • Promoting holistic development for marginalized children focusing on education, health & nutrition
  • Developing proactive response to social and ecological situations among children.

You can be a part of this CHANGE too….

You can be a part of this change by donating resources or money to extend your support to our various programs and causes. We are registered under Section 80G and Section 12 &12AA of the Income Tax Act of Government of India. Any donations to our organization makes you eligible for Income Tax Deductions. Tap on the button below to know more….

You can volunteer….

You can be a part of this change by becoming a volunteer. We always need some helping hands somewhere or the other. Join us in our daily work either in the administrative departments or somewhere in the middle of a remote village in India. It’s definitely hard work but it’s rewarding and adventurous. Tap on the button below to know more.

Every small change is part of a bigger impact created

Our organization believes that every change is significant while creating a big impact. We strive to improve the quality of life and livelihood for hundreds if not thousands of people in the communities we work with. We bring about this change by helping improving their health, agriculture, education, finances and many more things.

After 35 years of standing by the people, we still hold on, firm and true to the dream and belief, that the small group of young individuals who started this organization had, Manush to ek din jagbei jagbe (The people shall awaken one day)